Cube Root is instrumental in an ambitious effort to transform and expand the extensive street lighting network in the District of Columbia. With over 75,000 lights scattered throughout streets, alleys, and public spaces, the District sought a modern solution to replace outdated, inefficient bulb technologies such as incandescent and high-pressure sodium.

Our mission is to oversee the retrofitting of these lights with energy-efficient LED bulbs, the installation of a remote monitoring and control system, and the long-term performance-based maintenance under a contract. But we’re not just illuminating streets; we’re embracing the future of smart cities. By installing wireless access points across the District, we’re enhancing the DC-NET public WiFi program.

Cube Root’s dedicated civil and electrical inspectors play a vital role in this transformation. They conduct meticulous site inspections as poles are replaced and new lights installed, ensuring compliance with DDOT Goldbook standards and NEC codes, as well as confirming the approval of all materials. They also capture the progress through photographs, provide daily QA/QC reports, and maintain a comprehensive log of pole replacements and construction projects.

As part of this multi-year program, Cube Root’s inspectors have been involved in condition assessments, testing, and asset management software data input. Their responsibilities include verifying quantities used by contractors, assessing asset conditions, documenting deficiencies, and creating work orders using Cityworks Asset Management System software. Daily work is meticulously recorded and submitted for acceptance by DDOT managers, the task order manager, and the asset management contractor. Weekly reports provide a concise summary of inspection activities and planned next steps.

With Cube Root’s expertise, the District’s street lighting network is not just evolving; it’s leading the way into a brighter, more connected future.