As a prime contractor for Pepco, Cube Root spearheaded the provision of Construction Management, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Control (QC) inspection services, shaping the landscape of electrical conduits and manholes installation. Our mission encompassed strategic planning, crew coordination, and direct oversight of both civil and electrical construction activities, fostering the operation, maintenance, and expansion of a robust conduit system.

Moreover, Cube Root provided comprehensive QA/QC inspection and delivered detailed daily reports, offering a thorough account of the contractor’s progress. Cube Root’s commitment to transparency was reflected in our maintenance of both electronic and hard copies of contract records, which included inspector reports, meeting minutes, change orders, contractor insurance documentation, safety/incident reports, estimates, and test results, ensuring a complete record of our commitment to excellence.

Cube Root’s responsibilities extended across the construction spectrum, ensuring stringent site logistics, unwavering construction quality, and a steadfast commitment to safety.