Pecan Street provides critical access to the new Cedar Hill Regional Medical Center (CHRMC), a hospital that when it is completed in 2025, will provide medical services to the residents of Ward 8, the most underserved Ward in Washington, DC (the District). Along with providing medical service access, Pecan Street provides additional access for patrons of the District’s Entertainment and Sports Arena along with a dedicated parking garage for the existing St. Elizabeth’s Hospital to address parking limitations within their boundaries. Pecan Street will also provide a link to future major development connected to Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and 13th Street.

The site was added to the St. Elizabeths Hospital campus in 1869 just after the civil war. Understanding the important historic nature of this project, Cube Root’s approach included an integrated focus on implementing proactive management practices to address the dynamic and varying needs and expectations of a diverse group of public and private stakeholders. The team kept in focus the sensitivities of a historic site with numerous potential physical and jurisdictional/code compliance constraints.

In a world of constant change, Pecan Street stands as a symbol of progress, unity, and a brighter future for all. Join us on this journey toward a more vibrant and inclusive Washington, DC.

Project Award: 2023 CMAA Overall National Project Achievement Award for Transportation: Construction value less than $50M