Cube Root Corporation, as the lead partner in a joint venture, is committed to providing comprehensive program management support services for the phased redevelopment of the historic 180-acre East Campus. This iconic site, once partly a mental health hospital complex, is set to become one of the District’s largest redevelopment projects, offering the potential for over five million square feet of mixed-use development. 

DGS – St. Elizabeths East Campus Redevelopment

With a project value of $534 million, this transformational endeavor comprises multiple phases, encompassing roadway infrastructure, new hospital water service, a campus microgrid system, parking garages, hospital site development, and a new ambulatory care center. The outcome is destined to be a thriving mixed-use development, complete with community-serving amenities and poised to become a pivotal hub for the surrounding residents and businesses.

Cube Root leads the management of the entire program, encompassing infrastructure and hospital projects for various phases, including the Horse Stable and Dry Barn Stabilization, a Parking Garage at Parcel 6, Pecan Street, SE Roadway and Utilities (a recipient of the CMAA 2023 National Award), 13th Street Roadway and Utilities, and the demolition of the existing East Men’s Shelter. These phases demand intricate coordination among multiple stakeholders, diverse DC agencies, the local community, and ANC members in Wards 7 and 8.

Cube Root is privileged to play a central role in shaping the future of this historic redevelopment, and we remain committed to its successful transformation.