Cube Root took the helm for the ambitious Maryland Avenue Reconstruction Project spanning from 2nd Street, NE to 14th Street, NE. This endeavor marked the dawn of a new era for vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist safety, elevating the standards of multi-modal neighborhood mobility. In the heart of Washington, DC’s historic neighborhood corridor, this $20 million, 30-month project symbolizes our unwavering dedication to advancing community progress.

This extensive project encompassed safety enhancements, traffic improvements, roadway upgrades, and landscape transformations, including the installation of vital underground electrical conduits for traffic signals and lights, as well as essential storm sewer utilities. Overcoming unique challenges, Cube Root seamlessly coordinated with Washington Gas for the repair of gas lines, ensuring uninterrupted progress. We engaged with multiple stakeholders, from residential neighborhood groups to the Architect of the Capitol, all united in their focus on safety, security, and access throughout the construction process.

As stewards of this endeavor on behalf of the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), Cube Root maintained a seamless partnership with DC Water, overseeing the coordination of all water and sewer utility installations. The Maryland Avenue Reconstruction Project isn’t just a construction project; it’s a testament to our commitment to shaping vibrant, safe, and accessible urban landscapes for communities. We’re proud to have been a part of this transformative journey, and we look forward to building a brighter future, one project at a time.

Project Award: 2022 CMAA Overall National Project Achievement Award for Transportation: Construction value less than $50M