Washington DC Cicrulator
Washington, DC Circulator
Cube Root Corporation plays a pivotal role as the major subconsultant in a dynamic team dedicated to providing comprehensive program management services in support of the DC Circulator Bus operations and maintenance (O&M) program.

At the core of Cube Root’s responsibilities is bus service monitoring and data analysis. We’re at the frontline of day-to-day operations, closely scrutinizing the Circulator service’s daily performance, monitoring the O&M contractor’s adherence to contract requirements, and assessing eligibility for contract incentives and disincentives. Two dedicated bus service monitors, staffed by Cube Root, conduct over 100 checks of buses per week, which include riding the buses and performing exterior checks of bus stops.

Cube Root’s data analysis function supports the DC Department of Transportation (DDOT) in data tracking and performance, establishing a systematic approach for key performance indicators related to the O&M contractor’s operations. We facilitate various data analysis tasks, such as reviewing monthly invoices, administering the incentives/disincentives program, evaluating the financial impact of route adjustments, and more.

In addition to our ongoing responsibilities, Cube Root is always ready to support special assignments for the DC Circulator program, such as analyzing the effects of COVID-19-induced route changes and assessing the financial impact of transitioning to electric buses. Our adaptability and agility have allowed us to effectively navigate a rapidly changing environment influenced by the challenges of COVID-19 and evolving DC budgets.

Cube Root remains a dedicated and steadfast partner in elevating the quality and efficiency of DC Circulator services.